Greenwear is irreplaceable to us.

Otto de Ruiter
Connecting Lillies

Functional work clothing made especially for the agricultural sector by clothing experts.

  • Saving costs while maintaining quality and comfort
  • Less wear and tear and therefore more durable.
  • Improved wearing comfort for men and women.
  • Strong company look.
  • Re-order in small quantities.

Horticultural sector supplier for 18 years.

Delivery via Customer Customised Delivery.

The strong and durable material will save you costs.

Clothing that suits your employees AND your company.

Recognisable due to your personal Greenwear collection.

Customer experience

Interested to hear more about the experiences of our current customers? The following companies have been using our functional company clothing in their agricultural company for many years. They know exactly which clothing their employees need and can reorder in small quantities.

They have also been saving money all these years, while enjoying the quality and comfort of our clothing. Truly a win-win situation!

Our protocol specifies that all employees must wear work clothing, but thanks to Greenwear, wearing work clothing is fun.

Martin Noordam
Noordam Plants

Greenwear's look expresses what our company stands for: quality and class.

Erwin van der Lans
Lans Tomaten

Greenwear is irreplaceable to us.

Otto de Ruiter
Connecting Lillies

Create your own Greenwear collection:

Greenwear increases job satisfaction

Hygienic, comfortable, durable and looks fantastic! Your employees prefer working in comfortable clothing that also looks good. They feel more confident, ultimately leading to greater job satisfaction. If clothing fits, breathes and looks good, everyone wins.

Clothing via Customer Customised Delivery.

We deliver clothing packages for each individual employee: Customer Customised Delivery (CCD). That means that you need to spend less time fitting, replacing and dealing with complaints. The employee will receive the ordered clothing as per the measurements. The collection can be re-ordered in very small quantities; a major requirement in the agricultural sector. We do not change the colour and deliver what you expect from us: quality and certainty.

Virus-free washing?

Request our white paper here.


Standard BRC certified clothing

Companies that produce food, as well as those using, packaging or processing food are subject to the BRC standard. Greenwear ensures your clothing complies with this strict standard. At the same time we focus on the wearing comfort, allowing your employees to work as comfortably and effectively as possible.

Our clothing is IFS compliant

The IFS standard applies to all suppliers in the food chain and particularly to companies involved with production, logistics and transhipment. Greenwear work clothing meets all the IFS requirements. We make certified clothing that is fun to wear, offering quality and comfort at a competitive price.

The numbers - saving costs whilst maintaining quality and comfort

Good clothing lasts longer and complies with lots more wishes and requirements. If you are looking to save costs, Greenwear is your best option.

Just look at the numbers.

An item of clothing is washed at least 50 times per year. Our clothing can be washed approximately 150 times. When compared to normal textile, Greenwear will last for up to 50 washings more (which is equal to one full year). Naturally, there is also clothing that lasts even longer, but this is often considered warm or coarse, whilst your employees need comfort.

Would you like to know how much Greenwear can save your company?
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